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npm install --save react-credit-cards


import React, {useState  } from "react";import Cards from "react-credit-cards";import 'react-credit-cards/es/styles-compiled.css'function App() {const [number , setNumber] = useState(" ")const [name , setName] = useState(" ")const [expiry , setExpiry] = useState(" ")const [cvc , setCvc] = useState(" ")const [focus , setFocus] = useState(" ")return (<div className="App"><Cardsnumber={number}name={name}expiry={expiry}cvc={cvc}focused={focus}/><form><inputtype ="tel"name='number'placeholder="Card Number"value={number}onChange={e => setNumber(}onFocus={e => setFocus(}/>


Fall in love with losing then you won't be scared.

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